Issue One — January 1995

Broadsword Issue 01
Broadsword Issue 01

Issue One – January 1995
Editor, Layout: Richard Prekodravac
Graphic Insert: McCoy
Format: 4 × A4 Landscape & 1 × A4 portrait insert


  • Adults Only by David Robinson
  • First Principals by Richard Prekodravac
  • Immature Fans and the New Adventures by Richard Prekodravac
  • Editorial by Richard Prekodravac
  • Borrowed by Hermetics
  • Review: Falls the Shadow by Daniel O’Mhony by David Robinson
  • Review: The Crystal Bucephalus by Craig Hinton by David Robinson
  • Review: Parasite by Jim Mortimore by Richard Prekodravac
  • Debate: Into the cyberWoods: The best place for New Adventures? The New Adventures on the Internet. by Richard Prekodravac & David Robinson

Archival Scan of Broadsword Issue 01

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